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Craftsmanship with a Conscience

Sustainable Furniture and Cabinets Built in Portland OregonWhat if where you sit, eat and sleep matters? At IF Green, we think it does.

IF Green designs and builds contemporary and original furniture, cabinets and casework, hand-made only from sustainable products. We offer simple lines and nothing unnecessary. Just strength and timeless beauty.

And we ain’t kidding about the sustainable part. Take a look at what we make our furniture out of.

I could madrone on all day...

Madrone (Madrona to some, arbutus menziesii to the tree-loving crowd) is a beautiful tree native to the Northwest – twisty orange with peeling bark.  The last wood most would think about for furniture or cabinets.

Custom Madrone Cabinets - IF Green

Not only did we think about it, we dreamed up these delicious cabinets for a Lake Oswego home that highlight the rich colors of the wood grain.  They are as functional as they are beautiful. (View Pics)

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Cabinets and Casework, Featured

Most Requested: The Cache Executive Desk

CacheIF Green conducted a survey of our customers, partners, and friends.  In it we asked what piece of furniture you would like to see us build next.  The clear winner was a functional, sustainable desk - especially for the home work space.  You asked for it, and here it is:

The Cache Executive desk was designed for the Eco Entrepreneur. This desk is a hybrid of function and form, making use of essential space, seen and unseen, while upholding it’s minimal European style.

With a wide table top and concealed cord storage with an internal, energy saving power strip that cuts power to your printer, scanner, and speakers when your computer goes to sleep.

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Featured, Tables

The Power of Walnut


FSC Walnut Europly from Columbia Forest Products was used to create this conference table for one of Portland’s power elite, Len Bergstein of Northwest Strategies. The distinctive shape fits the space perfectly, and a leaf can be added to accommodate more clients.

Bergstein, another repeat customer, has dedicated a significant amount of his practice to green clients. We’re glad to see he walks the talk by filling his life with furniture made of home-grown, FSC certified materials.

Check out more pictures here.

Custom Furniture, Featured, Tables

Bamboo You


This kitchen being installed now (photos) showcases one of the world’s strongest and fastest growing renewable resource:  bamboo.  The cabinets add pizzazz by featuring the grain horizontally, creating a distinctively modern look.  At the same time, wine and glass storage, use of Lumicor panels, and distinctive recesses will make this kitchen versatile, user-friendly and very welcoming, especially on cold rainy days. 

“We first bought a Tribute chair and liked the affordable craftsmanship so much that we hired IF Green to do our cabinets.  We were so pleased with the cabinets, we came back for more - an eat-in area and pantry upgrade.   Randy and Stephen have been a joy to work with. They’re prompt, creative and courteous, and have stuck right to the schedule. They even offered prices on par with the boring, non-sustainable stuff.” 
- Niki Seawright, homeowner

Cabinets and Casework, Featured